After arriving by van from Phnom Penh I was extremely excited to visit the famous ruins of Angkor. Often incorrectly referred to as Angkor Wat because its most famous temple, Angkor is actually a city made up of many temples. I was only able to spend one day there and only saw a few but you can easily spend multiple days there exploring.


Angkor is a city of temples so you must cover your knees and shoulders out of respect. For women I would also recommend wearing loose pants instead of a long skirt because of the many very steep and not so stable stairs you will be climbing. I would also recommend wearing a strappy sandal that is secure on your foot instead of a flip flop because of how shallow many of the stairs are. Summers are pretty brutal so if you have the choice I would try and visit during a cooler month.

While none of the temples we saw while visiting the ancient ruins of Angkor City disappointed, Angkor Thom definitely stood out as my favorite. The faces carved into the towers of this temple gave Angkor Thom such great personality.


I took a tour that ended the evening with the sunset which was beautiful but pretty crowded. I didn’t get a chance to do this but many people recommended waking up early the next day and taking a tuk tuk just to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat.