Today I wanted to ask you guys if you journal’d during your travels and if you felt like it was a valuable part of your travel experiences? I know a lot of people started journaling because their families did. Growing up, although I traveled a lot with my family I never journal’d and now that I’m older I’m beginning to wish I did. I have a zillion travel photos but I’m always trying to remember the exact name of that place or exactly how many years old it was. I do find though that when there are really interesting and unique stories associated with places I don’t tend to forgot those as much (maybe it’s just because I tell those the most).

My first encounter with journaling was on my trip to Zimbabwe. A lot of the people in our tour group spent a lot of time journaling and I never really saw the point. I didn’t really think about it much again until I went on my Southeast Asia trip with my college friend who was insistent that we document everything we did/saw/heard/ate. It was exhausting to do sometimes, many times during our meals or at bars late night but it was amazing to realize how much we forget even in a few days. But now that I’m back I’m very much glad I have a detailed account of my trip. I think it’s something I will definitely reference and continue to do in the future.

Do you journal? Do you feel like it adds value to your travels or it takes up too much time or are memories and pictures are good enough for you?

Carrie Lyman - Do your journal on your travels?
There are lots of good stories here about our tour guide Mr. Lan in Luang Prabang, Laos and I’m glad I wrote them down!