Hi guys! I am so glad it’s getting warmer here in NYC but enough with the rain already! NYC needs some nice weather to help lift everyone’s mood out of winter. Despite the rain, people were still out, many wishful dressers in skirts and bare legs. I braved the rain and stopped by Garance Doré’s Open Studio on Saturday. I’ve always loved her simplistic illustrations and how she’s evolved her blog, now brand, over the years.

Nicolas Ouchenir was doing custom calligraphy on Garance’s Rifle Paper Company cards and she chatted with fellow Parisian Lola Rykiel about letter writing etiquette in NYC. Everyone has their rules about thank you notes. Do you guys have rules for thank yous? Do you have occasions when you send an email or a card, or go right for a phone call? What about when someone sends you a gift as a thank you in which you send another thank you causing double thank you or the awkward situation in which you never receive a thank you for a gift you’ve sent?

Growing up my mother made sure we always wrote our birthday and Christmas thank you notes right away, no exceptions, and although it was often painful I’m glad she did. Lola mentioned how she likes to take her time to choose beautiful cards and write her thank you notes with beautiful ink pens instead of the office ballpoint pen and it makes me feel like I should really step up my thank you art. I think I’ll have to look into some calligraphy classes. So to all my friends, expect some beautiful thank you notes coming your way!