Over the years, I have taken so many long flights (many in the double digits hours) that they don’t seem so monumentous anymore. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way!

1. Always keep your essentials in your tote or purse.

If they make you gate check your carry on suitcase you don’t want to be left without something important (ID, tickets, money, phone, medications).

*On a side note, keep an extra set of clothes with you in your carry on if you are checking your bags in case your bags get lost.

2. Bring a pashmina that can double as a blanket to you keep you warm on the plane.

I find the air conditioning is always blasting.


3. Have a back up plan in case the in flight entertainment doesn’t work (books, e-readers, tablets, magazines).

Many domestic flights, even though they are very long do not have media entertainment at your seat, and even when they do they can always break down.

*Also don’t forget your headphones and all your electronic devices chargers/adaptors.

4. Bring some of your own snacks (but make sure they’re not smelly).

It’s nice to have something from home if you are going to a foreign country and you have something to snack on in case you don’t like the in flight food.

5. Bring a pen!

You’ll need one if you are traveling internationally to fill out your landing card. (And to do the in flight crossword puzzle!)

6. Wear something comfortable and if you can, try and go makeup free.

The plane air can dry your skin very easily. I prefer leggings to jeans when I’m flying. If you need to look dressed up when you land, you can always keep an extra outfit in your carry on and then change and put your makeup on in the airport bathroom.

7, Try and eat and sleep on the schedule that the plane gives you, they do that for a reason!

What about you? Do you have any tips for making long flights more bearable?