If you didn’t take a photo, it didn’t happen right? Just kidding. Photos are one of our most precious souvenirs and there is no worse feeling than losing your photos while you’re traveling. Here are a few tips I use to make sure that never happens.

How to Protect your Photos while Traveling #lookattheworldaroundyou
Ubud, Bali

1. Use the Cloud.

If you have an iPhone you can have the Cloud automatically backup your photos over any wifi connection so you won’t lose your photos if you lose your iPhone and you don’t have to worry about manually backing them up. If you don’t have an iPhone, Dropbox and Google Drive are also great apps that can help you back up your phone’s photo library.

2. Use your iPad as a backup for your camera.

You can buy an SD Card Camera Adaptor that plugs into your iPad and/or iPhone and allows you to upload the photos from your SD camera card. I try to do this once a day so if I lose my camera, the most I will have lost is one days’ worth of photos.

3. Get a Lifeproof phone case.

If you break your phone or it gets ruined by water you are usually out of luck when it comes to retrieving your photos. Having a waterproof phone case gives you peace of mind if you happen to be hiking under a waterfall or kayaking down a river while trying to capture the moment.

4. Believe in the camera strap.

It might seem dorky or unnecessary but I can’t tell you many times I’ve saved my camera from smashing to a million pieces or falling over the edge of a rooftop because I had a strap attached to me. It also makes it harder for someone to unexpectedly snatch your camera out of your hands and take off with it. Etsy has lots of fun straps that aren’t boring or unstylish.

5. Last but not least, it’s not all about the photo.

As I’ve written about before, sometimes it’s better to be in the moment than take a photo of it. If something does happen to your photos, try not to let it ruin your trip. It just gives you an excuse to take more photos the rest of your trip!