1. Nicole Warne @garypeppergirl

Nicole is an Australian half fashion/half travel blogger so her photos are twice as dreamy. Lots of beautiful clothes shot in beautiful places all over the world.

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2. #dametraveler @dametraveler

Dame Traveler is a blog that is dedicated to women’s travel. Their Instagram features lots of #regrams of amazing women travelers in amazing backdrops.

3. Brooke Saward @worldwanderlust

Brooke is also Australian and one of my favorite travel bloggers. She is actually one Instagrammer whose website I also visit on a pretty regular basis.

4. #darlingescapes @darlingescapes

Darling Escapes is a mix of #regrams from fellow travelers as well as her own adventures around the world.

5. Jessica Wright @bontraveler

Jessica is a travel blogger from San Francisco and is a master of the traveling beverage (mostly cappuccinos) shot.

6. Passion Passport @passionpassport

Passion Passport is not only about beautiful travel photos but also about their stories. Every photo has a mini story by a different traveler.

7. David Cooper @davidboysoncooper

And just to change it up a bit I love following photographer David Cooper’s adventure photography. He is based out of Scotland and takes amazing photos of his climbing adventures across some pretty amazing scenery.

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