1. Lay in the Sun in Sheep Meadow

I love going to the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and picking up a picnic lunch before spending the day lounging in Sheep Meadow. Don’t forget your picnic blanket!

2. Run Around the Reservoir

I love this run not only because it’s so gorgeous but because they mark off how far you’ve run along the way which is good for sporadic runners like me.

3. Get Free Tickets to Shakespeare in the Park

Every summer Shakespeare in the Park puts on some amazing shows and the tickets are free! You just have to enter the lottery online or you can try your luck with the on call line at the theatre.

4. Visit the Central Park Zoo

I honestly had pretty low expectations for the Central Park Zoo but it turned out to be pretty cool. My favorite part is the Tropic Zone, just beware you a bird doesn’t poop on you!

5. Pretend I’m on a Movie Set

Central Park is been featured in so many movies the entire park is practically a movie set. Two of my favorite and most iconic movie sets scenes are the walk down the Mall (especially in the Fall when the leaves are changing) and walking under the Minton Tile Ceiling at the Bethesda Terrace.