When I first started exploring the winding streets of Venice the most surprising thing I found was how much shopping there is. Around every bend of the narrow streets there are countless shops and vendors selling you pieces of Venice. These are the top 5 Venetian souvenirs.

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5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy

1. A Venetian Mask

The Venetian mask is the most iconic souvenir of Venice. Everyone has seen the countless photos of people celebrating the Carnival of Venice and flooding the streets with their colorful masks. The masks filling up the windows of the many shops are pretty gorgeous. Do some shopping around though so you can decide what you want to really spend and see the varying quality of masks. There are some famous mask shops that celebs have stopped by or you can get them off the street from the souvenir carts. If you are willing to try and figure out how to get this souvenir home without crushing it in your suitcase I would definitely pick one up.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy

2. Murano Glass

Murano glass is by far the most popular and most sold souvenir in Venice. Going to the island of Murano to see the glass workshops is one of the top tourist attractions. You can literally buy anything you can dream up made with Murano glass: dishes, glasses, jewelry, figurines, wine stoppers, magnets, lighting, vases and even mini recreations of masks. They are a great souvenir if you’re looking to buy something small in a large quantity for family and friends.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy

3. Burano Lace

Another popular island of Venice is Burano, famous for it’s colorfully painted houses along it’s canals but also for it’s lace making. This is probably more of a specific gift for a certain kind of person but there are some pretty beautiful pieces you can buy.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy

4. Marbled Paper

This is my favorite Venetian souvenir. If you get a chance to watch the paper marbling in person, it is pretty cool to watch. The most popular items are notebooks made with the marbled paper covers but there are plenty of other choices as well. My favorite shop selling marbled paper products is La Ricerca.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy

5. Leather

Italy as an entire country is pretty famous for it’s leather. If you are continuing to Florence, I would hold out and not purchase any leather goods in Venice. If you not going to Florence, then make sure you are visiting the shops that advertise the Made in Italy mark. There are now so many imported leather bag shops that are misleading the tourists into buying “Italian” leather.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy
Stay away from the imported made in Asia leather shops

Have you guys found any one of a kind souvenirs while shopping in Venice?

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