“After college I went and stayed with a family in Costa Rica and went to Spanish school for a couple weeks. I met the most incredible people from around the world (one that I’ve traveled with since and still remain friends with) and experienced another culture which filled my heart and soul and fueled my wanderlust. I wanted more.

I went to school at La Salle University and currently live in the East Village. My favorite part of New York is having so much at my fingertips. I can walk or take public transport. There are always new people to meet and fun things to do.

I’ve lived in St. Louis, Florida, and Philly. I think every place in the world in special. St Louis is where all my dad’s family is so we would always go to Cardinal’s games, Grant’s Farm, and amazing backyard parties. In Florida, the beaches are in our backyard and beautiful. Philly is a smaller city that isn’t as intimidating so it was a good start before moving to NYC.

I’m a photo producer so I plan photo shoots for all the in-house print campaigns for two department stores. I travel for work so when possible, I tack on a weekend to the end of the shoot. It’s pretty great, and I’m constantly meeting new people and hearing about their travel adventures so even when I’m working, my wanderlust is being inspired and fulfilled.

One of the biggest challenges while traveling is just being mindful of my budget and knowing where to splurge so I don’t deny myself any experience but prevent myself from going broke! I would travel constantly if I could afford it. Or take a year off to travel, but money is a necessity, and I’m not comfortable quitting my job and bartending my way through Europe or anything, as much as I fantasize about it and commend people who do.


I prefer to travel solo. It’s a different mindset and you’re more open to new people and experiences. I have met the most incredible people who I never would have met if I was just focused on my inner circle. You’re also never obligated to anyone. This is my time to experience whatever I want to that leads to self discovery.

I learn something new about myself and the world every time I travel. It gives me a new perspective, helps my mojo and always gives my life a kickstart for something amazing to happen. I meet people in such a short amount of time, but create a bond and relationship that’s so strong and lasts forever. These people enhance my life, and I would have never met them if I didn’t travel, and if I didn’t travel sola!


I always wear a flower in my hair. I got a bunch when I was in Kauai (fake hibiscus but they look pretty real) and I think it just means, HOLIDAY! It’s also a good icebreaker when meeting new people. I also usually get a handmade bracelet because I love wearing a souvenir. It gives me that travel spirit all the time.

I always travel with sunscreen, good moisturizer and my hats!!!  Sun protection is KEY and hats are super cute anyway. I don’t travel with any jewelry because I’m fearful of theft. And I don’t wear much make up at all. Being sunkissed is the best accessory.


I had an experience in Phuket where I did not feel safe. These men at my hostel were fighting, throwing dishes, yelling, and it didn’t stop well into the night. I pulled a Tom Hanks in Big and pushed my dresser in front of my door. Luckily, I was going back to NYC the next day, but I should have changed hostels when I felt uneasy to begin with. I would have had I been staying there longer.

Even though I had a scary moment there, Thailand was most different from anywhere I’ve known before. I did lots of cultural experiences like cooking class, staying at a Muay Thai camp, and saw the most beautiful beaches. It was so much all-in-one and I loved it. I also met the raddest people ever. A lot of backpackers with beautiful free spirits. Hiking the big volcano in Ometempe, Nicaragua was also extremely rewarding. It took all day, I did with a girl I met who I’m still in touch with to this day and it was just physically so grueling, but we did it, and it felt amazing.


Morocco! I’m hiking in the Atlas mountains, camping on the beach, surfing, riding a camel, and biking. It will be an adventure trip.”

-as told by Look at the World Around You

Megan is a fashion photo producer living in NYC. Follow her on Instagram @megan9er.