Your suitcase shouldn’t be a burden to your trip. And unless you are packing to move, there are some common packing tips you shouldn’t follow.

Wear your bulkiest items on the plane.

This is a really popular tip. There are a few problems with this plan, number one being it’s uncomfortable! Who wants to wear their heaviest sweater, coat and hiking boots on a long flight? Also, what happens if you need to pack your things for your next stop and you can’t wear those items? You should start in reverse and pack your heaviest things first so you always know everything will fit.

Pack all your shoes first.

I have tried this many times. And you know what? I always end up landing and having to dump my entire suitcase out just to change my shoes. Also, many rolling suitcases have the bars from the handle in the bottom of the bag so they don’t lie nicely anyway. Start packing with the things you think you’ll least likely need first.

Common Packing Tips You Shouldn’t Follow
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Use space bags to compress your clothing.

This is great for packing to move, but packing for a trip? Not so much. Everything should fit comfortably or with a little room to spare in your bag. You are going to want to shop for souvenirs and you’ll never end up packing as neatly as you did in the beginning.

Avoid checking a bag by cramming everything into your carry-on.

Let’s face it, sometimes no matter how efficient and minimalistic you are, a carry on just won’t cut it. Don’t try and cram everything into your carry on by expanding it, sitting on it or stretching the limits of what the airline says a carry-on sized bag is. The worst is getting through security and then having the airline tell you your bag is too large and having to check it when you weren’t prepared to do so.

Pack your socks and underwear in the crevices of your bag.

This tip does end up saving space but you know what? It’s kind of awkward. Who wants to stuff their underwear in random spaces and have it everywhere while you’re unpacking? And where you put it after you wear it and need to separate it? Bring two bags, one for clean and one for dirty socks and underwear and then just pack them normally or in a pocket of your suitcase.

Have you ever tried a Pinterest packing tip and had it completely fail you?