I saw a snapshot of this on Instagram and thought this was a great way to showcase all the cards from around the world that I’ve been saving in boxes the past few years.

It was a really simple project, you only need three items:
• Clothespins
• Twine or some sort of string
• Two nails or hooks to hang the string from

1. Decide where you want to hang your photo line.

I have an exposed brick wall so I needed special nails but check with your hardware store if you’re unsure of which kind of nail to use on your wall.


2. Decide how far apart you want to put your nails and measure the length of string you need.

Put your nails in and then measure the string length you will need; cut it and then tie the ends to both nails. Keep in mind when you add the weight of the photos it will pull the string down slightly.


3. Start clipping your cards and photos on the line with the clothespins!