I am pretty good at controlling my shopping impulses in my regular day to day life. And because I have traveled so much over the years my collection of travel accessories, gadgets, and clothing is pretty complete. But for some reason in the weeks leading up to a trip I suddenly feel like I have nothing and need to go shopping like crazy!

I think it comes down to my wanting to be the perfect minimalist traveler; which I will never get close enough to. There will always a better suitcase or bag or accessory for traveling. Lately I’ve been reading so many travel blogs that I keep finding new Kickstarter travel gear to buy but have to remind myself that I already have something that is good enough. Good enough. I have to remember that. Traveling is not about the stuff, it’s about the experience.

As I’m about to head to Nicaragua next week I have all of the sudden decided my swimsuit won’t do, I have to have a hat (even though I never wear them) and am in need of a new colorful maxi dress (I did give in on that one). And I haven’t even started on the travel size toiletries! I have a huge collection of travel toiletries but never seem to have quite the right ones.

And you know what? When I come back I will have realized I packed all wrong and could do it better next time. And then I’ll write you a what I should’ve packed post so you can be more prepared than I was. But isn’t that the case with everything in life? Hindsight is 20/20. In the end the packing won’t have mattered at all. I will have made it work, won’t remember that I didn’t pack perfectly, and still had an amazing trip.

Do you get caught up in the pre-travel packing frenzy?