Your wallet is the most important thing you carry around with you and losing your wallet while traveling can be a trip ruiner. These are my tips for how to prevent losing everything and help give you a peace of mind while you are traveling.

Losing Your Wallet While Traveling - Part I: PREVENTION

Have two forms of ID

Usually this is my passport and my driver’s license. When I am traveling I keep my driver’s license separate so I’ll have an ID if my passport is lost.

Keep a back up credit card

If you have two credit cards, keep them in different places. Choose one to be your main card and then keep your second one in a safe place. I like to use a card case mini wallet to keep my second ID and credit card in.

Photocopy your passport

If you are in a foreign country and lose your passport, having a photocopy is really important. It makes everything easier if you have to go to the embassy and replace it.

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Know your bank’s contact info

Make sure you know the numbers of your credit card companies so you can call them to cancel your lost cards and have them overnight you a new card right away.

Know the phone numbers of your friends & family

If your phone is lost with your wallet it’s a good idea to memorize or write down the numbers of your friends and family. Even if they can’t help you it will be good to talk to someone familiar.

Stow some extra cash

It’s important to always have some cash on you. Keep some easily accessible in your wallet but also hide some in other places just in case.

Be minimalist

When you travel take out any cards that you won’t be using so it is as minimal as possible. You only really need your ID and money, leave all those other cards at home. The less you have, the less you might need to replace.

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