Whenever I think about my purse being stolen while traveling, I always think of that cheesy ABC Family movie Au Pair. The au pair leaves her bag and camera on a street cafe table. One guy swoops in and steals her camera to distract her while another guy comes in and steals her bag. They end up having to work on a boat for a ride back home. Hopefully this never happens to you but if it does here are a few tips for how to recover. (And make sure you check out Losing Your Wallet While Traveling – Part I: PREVENTION).

Losing Your Wallet While Traveling – Part II: Recovery


Hopefully you have a second ID like your driver’s license stashed away in a separate bag so you have some sort of identification. Also, if you have a photocopy of your passport somewhere hidden in another bag it’ll make going to the embassy to apply for a new passport a lot easier. As a back up have a friend or family member keep copies digitally that they can send to you.


If you have your ID and your bank is nearby and open you can go withdraw cash from the teller. If not, ask a friend or family member to wire you money through Western Union or CVS, you can set them both up so ID isn’t required to receive the money.

Credit Cards

Call your bank right away to alert them that your cards have been stolen. Then ask them to overnight you new cards to your hotel so you can start using them right away.


If you are stranded somewhere call your hotel. Many hotels have shuttles and can come pick you up.

Travel Insurance

You got this for a reason, if your whole bag is stolen they can help reimburse you for your bag and valuables inside and many have a concierge service that can help you. Refer to your policy for what kind of coverage you have.

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