Technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch while you travel. You can buy a pre-paid SIM card from the airport or train station and use your smartphone the same way you would at home. Here are five ways I stay in contact with my friends and family while I’m traveling.

1. Social Media

Most of the time people just want to know that you are safe. Posting regularly on Facebook or Instagram is an easy way to let people know you are okay without having to contact individual friends or family members.

2. Whatsapp Texting

Texting is most common way I communicate and Whatsapp is the best way to do that while you are abroad. As long as you have data or wi-fi you can text anyone else who has the app for free.

3. Email

I know most people start to get a little anxiety if they go too long without checking their email. If you don’t want to pay for the extra SIM card, free wi-fi is available almost everywhere at hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. You can easily connect your device to check in with everyone at home.

4. Phone Calls

Most pre-paid phone cards allot you international calling minutes. You can also sign up for Talkatone and through wi-fi call people for free.

5. Postcards

Nothing beats good old fashioned snail mail and I love collecting postcards that my friends and family have sent me from all over the world.