6 Shoes you Need to have in your Travel Wardrobe

Shoes are usually the first and the most important thing you pack. Nothing ruins a day of wandering and exploring faster than a blister from the wrong pair of shoes. I’ve found that if you invest in these 6 pairs of shoes you will be able to travel almost anywhere.

1. Leather Sandals

For the warmer locales. I like to not have to wear my flip flops everywhere I go and feel slightly more dressed up wearing leather sandals. I have actually found some Clark’s sandal’s that are pretty stylish.

2. Ankle Boots

For the cooler destinations. Even though I love a good tall boot I find that while I’m traveling they are not that great for walking around all day. Ankle boots are perfect for this. Sam Edelman makes a great basic pair.

3. Flip Flops

For the beach of course. And if you’re staying in a hostel you’ll definitely want to bring these along for the showers. Even if you’re not staying a hostel, the hotel might have a pool or you might want something easy to just wear inside. My Reef Slim Ginger flip flop’s have never given me a blister (knock on wood) or let me down yet.

4. Canvas Sneakers

Sometimes your feet just need a day off. My favorite are these Tretorn for J.Crew sneakers. I don’t feel as frumpy wearing them with jeans or dresses and they’re almost as comfortable as my real sneakers.

5. Sneakers or Hiking boots

Depending on what your activities are going to be a pair sneakers or hiking boots are good to have. Don’t forget to pack the appropriate socks!

6. Ballet Flats

Unless I’m attending an event like a wedding, I don’t usually pack fancy shoes. But it’s good to always be prepared for the moment and pack one nice outfit. Ballet flats are perfect because they dress your outfit up a bit and they’re super small to pack. I love these Summit by White Mountain leather flats.