Sometimes the planets don’t align and the only flight you can book or afford requires a ridiculously long overnight layover in the airport. And the amount of time it would take to get to a hotel and back to the airport is more time than you’d spend sleeping and you can’t justify spending money on a hotel. Spending the night in the airport can be a good option if you plan ahead. This happened to me between my flights from Bali and New York at the Singapore’s Changi Airport. I landed in Singapore around 10pm and my next flight didn’t leave until 7am the next day. Before you decide to spend the night in the airport make sure to remember a few things.

6 Things to Remember When Spending the Night in an Airport

-1- Research the Airport

Staying overnight in New York’s JFK or Singapore’s Changi airport is very different than staying overnight in a tiny airport in Spain. Make sure it’s a busy or big enough airport that it stays open all night.

-2- Get a Good Spot

Scope out the airport lounge areas. Many airports even have sleep lounges with special sleeping chairs that are more comfortable to sleep in. Don’t wait until the last minute either to claim a seat. The good spots fill up fast.

6 Things to Remember When Spending the Night in an Airport

-3- Secure Your Stuff

Bring a luggage cord so you can lock your bag to your seat while you are sleeping and sleep with your passport and wallet on you.

-4- Keep your Ticket Close

Airports take security very seriously. During the night security will be walking around waking people up and checking that they have plane tickets for the next day and aren’t squatting. In Singapore I was woken up by armed security and guard dogs so just prepare yourself so you’re not so shocked.

-5- Plan Your Meals

Make sure you purchase your food and drink before the vendors close. Many of the food vendors don’t stay open all night so your options become limited the later it gets.

-6- Have Entertainment

Make sure you have a book or something to do. You’re probably not going to sleep that well and will need something to pass the time with.