I have an old point and shoot digital camera somewhere that I used to bring with me everywhere back in the day, especially when I was out with friends or traveling. I used to have to upload my photos to my computer with a camera cord or card reader and then edit them in Photoshop or upload them to Facebook. Today all you need is your iPhone to edit and share beautiful digital photos and these apps help me do that everyday.

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Image via Death to the Stock Photo


I find the easiest way to make a photo look better quickly is to just use a filter and VSCO is a really easy way to do that. Sometimes I’ll even use VSCO to filter my photos from my regular camera instead of messing around in Photoshop or Lightroom. It’s so much faster. It’s also a way to share your photos and follow other VSCO users. I love using it to discover new photographers.

360 Panorama

Your basic iPhone camera can take regular panoramic photos but this app adds an extra element that lets you take photos that pan 360 degrees for when you want to capture the entire view.


Snapseed is pretty much the closest thing you can get to Photoshop in your iPhone and is great for when you want to do some hardcore photo editing.

Instagram (LayoutHyperlapse & Boomerang)

I remember when Instagram first launched with only a handful of photo filters. You had to use 3rd party apps if you wanted to do more photo adjustments or collages before you uploading your photo to Instagram. Now Instagram has so many photo editing tools and additional linked apps to create beautiful photos and videos that editing your Instagram photo is so much faster and more convenient.


I personally am not a huge fan of pic stitches and posting multiple photos in a row is kind of annoying to do to your followers on Instagram. This app lets you create a slideshow video of a group of your photos that you can post once so you aren’t clogging any feeds.


Instagram now lets you upload rectangular images but I still like the way photos look on your grid when you are forced to keep everything square. I like to use this app to put my horizontal and vertical images into squares before I upload them into Instagram.


This app lets you make a little extra money off your iPhone photos. Create a profile and then simply upload the photos that you want to sell. Other people and companies then can search for your photos to purchase. They also host lots of themed photo contests with cash prizes as well.

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