Making sure you are perfectly packed, which sights not to miss and how to find the best restaurants are important when planning your trip but you should also plan to stay safe while you travel. Here are a few travel safety tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Florence, Italy


The first thing you should do is check the State Department’s website for any travel alerts to make sure it is safe to visit the country you are visiting as a foreign traveler. It’s also a good idea to read a little bit about any local customs or behaviors that might offend that you are not used to and might put you in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation.


Check the Travelers’ Health webpage for the CDC to find out if you will need any vaccinations or medications from your doctor and if there are any health warnings where you will be traveling. Make sure you have enough of your prescriptions and any medicine you take on a regular basis. Mini stackable plastic jars are great for storing small amounts of nonprescription medicine.


Travel insurance is the most important thing to have when you go away. Your home health insurance will not cover any medical expenses outside the country. Travel insurance covers any emergency medical expenses you may have while you are traveling. It also covers things like lost or delayed luggage, lost items or if you need to cancel your flights or hotels unexpectedly. I recommend World Nomads or Allianz.

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Make a copy of your passport to keep in your suitcase and a digital copy saved in your email in case it is lost. If you have any flight or hotel reservation information, send a copy to a friend or family member so they can reach you in an emergency.


Keep your bank and credit card companies’ contact information somewhere separate from your credit cards so you can reach them if your wallet is lost or stolen. Also call them to tell them you are traveling so they don’t freeze your cards when you make your first foreign transaction. Keep some cash and an extra credit card in your suitcase so you have money if your purse is lost.

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If you are worried your luggage might not be secure while you are traveling invest in a suitcase that has a built in lock or one that you can lock with a small luggage lock. You can also purchase a cord lock that you can use to lock your bag to your seat if you have a spend the night in an airport or to something in your room if you feel it is not secure.

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I tend to think that the more nervous you are while traveling the more likely that you will be a target and being prepared can help you avoid that. Hopefully following these tips will make you feel safer and enjoy your trip!