A Beginners Guide to Packing Organization

Packing can be so frustrating. I am guilty of always waiting until the very last minute the night before and staying up way too late packing. I am always sleep deprived on my early morning flights. But now because I’ve traveled so much I have an organized system for myself so packing is less of a headache even when it’s last minute.

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.” -Diane von Furstenberg

Once you’ve made your packing list and gathered everything you want to bring it’s time to start organizing everything to fit in your suitcase. When your bag is organized it makes it easier to deal with when you’ve reached your destination. It doesn’t matter if everything fits if you can’t find anything.

Start by dividing your items between what you’ll carry in your smaller purse or bag and what will go in your larger suitcase. Then sort all your items by type. I sort my items into these categories: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, workout clothing, pajamas, swimsuits/coverups, socks, underwear, and technology. Then using my favorite organization accessories below I start packing.

Packing Cubes: These are a packing must-have. I use them to organize all my clothing. Larger cubes for tops and bottoms and smaller cubes for all the miscellaneous clothing items all rolled to fit neatly inside.

Dust Bags: I like to keep my nice dresses and blouses separate from my regular clothing. These are great to give just a few items a little more protection.

Shower Caps: I am constantly collecting these from every hotel I visit. I use them to cover my shoes so the bottoms don’t contaminate the rest of my things in my bag.

Quart Ziplock Bag for Liquids: Although many airports don’t make you remove your liquids as long as they are under the size requirement I like to keep them separate from my regular toiletry bag just in case. And I pack them closest to the top of my bag so I’m not digging through my suitcase at security.

Toiletry Bag: Now that I always have to separate my liquids I can bring a much smaller toiletry bag for everything else.

Small Pouches for Cords: I’ve found that using very small cosmetic pouches are great for sorting and containing my charging cords. And the pouches don’t get lost or tangled in the bottom of my bag or purse.

What else do you use to organize your packing?