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A little black dress, a white button up shirt, a trench coat. Everyone is always making lists of the basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The same goes for your travel bags. Over the years I have tried and tested so many bags that this past year I decided to do a major closet clean out and realized I didn’t use half of the travel bags I owned. I always went back to my favorites that were the most functional and stylish. These six bags make up my complete travel bag wardrobe.


All your essentials

When it comes to fashion my favorite kind of handbag is a satchel but unfortunately it’s also the least travel friendly. I love crossbody bags for traveling because they are hands free for taking photos and are more secure and difficult to grab or drop. I have a smaller one and a larger one that I interchange depending on where I’m going.


The carry-on carryall

Totes are something that I can’t seem to quite edit down to just one. I use a tote as my one personal item. I like to slip my regular purse inside it along with the things that I want to easily access on the plane like my laptop, books and snacks or things I want to keep close like jewelry and valuables.


Easy come, easy go

This bag gets the most use in my travel bag wardrobe. Often on weekends because of the short time frame I end up carrying my bag with me meeting up for activities and friends before I get to where I’m sleeping. A weekender is a little more discreet and easier to bring places than a rolling suitcase.

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Carry-on always

I am a firm believer in never checking luggage if at all possible. I have two carry-ons I use, a hard side and my favorite Bric’s nylon bag.


Weight of the road

When I’m going to be traveling for longer periods of time with my larger bag I like to use a backpack for the things I’d normally carry in a tote so that the weight is easier to carry, especially traveling with my laptop.


Minimalist money

In my everyday life I carry a big wallet filled to the brim with credit cards, cash, receipts, rewards card, gift cards and everything else I can jam in there. But while I’m traveling I find that minimalism is better when it comes to wallets. A mini zip wallet that holds just a few cards, some folded cash and coins is perfect. I also like to carry a card case for any subway or bus tickets and my primary credit card so I don’t have to always take out my wallet.