What to Wear Hiking in Patagonia when it's 32°F
Laguna Torre

Hiking is not something I usually do in NYC on a regular basis and especially not in the cold weather so packing for Patagonia was a bit of a challenge for me and required some shopping. The first day I was over prepared for the cold and wore way too many layers but by the second day I had it down. Here’s what to wear hiking in Patagonia when it’s 32°F.

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Finding your feet

This is probably the most important thing you pack. I opted for more lightweight trail sneakers because I was only doing a few hikes and needed to pack lightly. If you are going to be hiking longer though I would get something with a thicker sole so the rocky paths are less rough on your feet.


Blisters will ruin your day

The second most important thing is definitely your socks. And not the little ankle socks that you work out in. You want to completely cover anywhere a blister might even possibly form. Your feet are not used to walking for so many hours at time. I recommend SmartWool socks!


Let you legs move

I like leggings because they allow the most flexibility (and they’re smaller to pack) than other kinds of pants. If you get cold easily try a thicker fleece lined pair but I found I was warm enough with just a regular pair that I workout in.


Base layers

The layer closest to your skin you want to be breathable and moisture wicking when you sweat. I wore a workout tee that I already had.


All your essentials

At the most strenuous part of the hike I wasn’t wearing a jacket at all and only wore this over my tee. I have a Lululemon zip up that was perfect.


Layering on and off

You can buy jackets that zip together and match perfectly but if you already have one of the two layers, either a shell or down/fleece lining like I did you can just layer them on top of each other. Throughout the day I was constantly taking different layers on and off depending on how warm I was.


All your essentials

I prefer gloves with mitten tops because they keep my fingers warmer and I never needed the finger grip while hiking.


Carrying it all

In my attempt to be super minimal the backpack I chose was a little bit too small but I worked with it. I would recommend a backpack that has an outside water bottle pocket and is big enough to carry your essentials, your lunch and will still have room for your coat and layers when you get warm hiking.


Long Underwear: The first day I doubled up with long underwear under my leggings and realized about an hour in that it was way too much.

Hat: I had a hood on my down jacket and I was so warm I didn’t end up needing this but this really depends on the person.

Scarf: I had so many layers on all the scarf did was collect sweat, it was the first thing to go.

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