Image via Chhorvy Ly
Image via Chhorvy Ly

Sometimes you just need a hammock and a llama.

After spending three days in the desert on a Jeep tour I was in need of some relaxation away from it all and Hotel La Cupula was the perfect place to do that. Sitting up on top of Bolivia’s oasis of Copacabana, the suites, the hammocks and the view made it a picture perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

While the prices make it seem like a backpacker haven the design is anything but. The hammocks and beautifully designed rooms make it a unique place to stay. Stay in the cheaper rooms in the main lodge or I recommend going for the suites up on the hill. The white dome shaped suites built into the hills with beautiful stained glass windows overlooking the lake make you feel like you are living in a bit of a fantastical place. And the best part? Llamas roam freely in the garden while you take a nap in a hammock.

Hotel La Cupula
Michel Pérez
Copacabana, Bolivia
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