Traveling During Mercury in Retrograde
Image via Unsplash

Is Mercury in Retrograde real? I had no idea what this was until an old coworker introduced me to it. I don’t know if it’s because now I know about it or I just never noticed before but it is starting to seem very real in my travels. Several times a year Mercury appears to be moving backwards because it is moving faster than the sun causing Mercury in Retrograde and causing all kinds of chaos here on earth. You’re not supposed to sign contracts or count on any plans, especially in travel because Mercury will definitely mess them up. I was in Argentina during the most recent Retrograde and I’m blaming everything that went wrong on Mercury.

*My friend Allison, who was meeting me in Buenos Aires was forced to gate check her bag and you guessed it, it got lost. The airline had to transfer her bag to another airline because we were in a small city and lost track of it. Four days later…her bag arrived sans some contents.

*Our hotel told us leaving an hour before our flight was totally fine. We arrived and found out you had to check in 45 minutes before boarding or else your ticket was cancelled. We ended up having to pay a change fee, take a taxi to the other airport and left 3 hours later than planned.

*We tried to fly from El Calafate to Iguazu via Buenos Aires but our connecting flight, Buenos Aires to Iguazu was cancelled and we lost a night in Iguazu Falls. Oh and the airport put us up at the worst hotel ever.

While lots of things went wrong, eventually they did all work themselves out, so while you should never not travel because of it, be open to having to be flexible with your plans. Mercury in Retrograde just ended on May 22 but Mercury still has two more times to mess with our plans this year!

*August 30 to September 22
*December 19 to 31