Essential iPhone Travel Apps: South America
Image via Pexels


Besides keeping your little blue dot updated even without cell service GoogleMaps recently upgraded their app and you can now download offline maps of the specific areas that you are going to be traveling in detail. You can also save and star places on your map to reference later. [ GoogleMaps ]


I use this as a backup to GoogleMaps. With CityMaps2Go you download your maps ahead of time. I like using this app because unlike GoogleMaps it stores major hotels, restaurants and landmarks locations that you can easily search in offline mode. It will also keep your blue dot updated while you are traveling without service. [ CityMaps2Go ]

I am always booking and researching where I am going to stay last minute and their app is really easy to use. I can also pull it up quickly when I’m checking in or need to check the address of my reservation. [ ]


I find this app much easier to use than their website. I use it to find places to eat and get a general idea of things to see/do in smaller cities. [ TripAdvisor ]


Hopping between countries makes keeping track of all the different the currencies confusing. This currency calculator app lets you keep multiple currency conversions up at one time. [ Currency ]


I am always jotting things down when I travel. I use notes to keep track of what I’m spending or the names of places I’ve been or recommendations from others. And if I need the information later I can email the entire note to myself right from the app.


This app is great because it has an offline dictionary you can access and a more comprehensive one when you are connected to the internet. It also gives you the verbal pronunciation as well as using words in sentence examples. [ SpanishDict! ]

Google Translate

I use this app to translate longer pieces of information instead of SpanishDict which I use to look up shorter words or phrases. [ Google Translate ]


This is a Spanish teaching app and it is really well designed for beginning Spanish learners. It’s a bit of a commitment but you can connect to Facebook and track your progress with friends to keep you motivated. [ Duolingo ]