I can’t remember the last time the actual act of flying excited me. I like flying, but mostly because I get to be alone and relax and it means I am either on my way somewhere new or on my way back home.

Recently I read an article debating whether one should dress up for flights or not. I immediately thought to myself, definitely not, that’s so unreasonable. But I forget flying is a privilege that has become such a norm in my own life.

On my flight from Arequipa to Lima the other day I noticed how many of the people with me saw our flight as such an adventure. They all stopped to take their photo in the lounge at the gate and on the plane and they stayed awake the entire flight gazing out the window experiencing every moment. Unlike me, who immediately passed out before we even took off. They were even excited for the plane snacks that I’ve come to stop eating because the novelty of bad free food on the plane has worn off.

[blockquote author=”Charles C. Mann” pull=”normal”]”A world with a sudden limit on air travel would be tremendously different from the one we live in now.”[/blockquote]

Flying has allowed me to see places that I would never have otherwise. To cross oceans and go to faraway places even when I only have a short period of time. Flight has allowed most of this entire website to exist and half of every travel Pinterest board to become more than a fantasy.

I have always romanticized travel, envisioning in my mind that woman wearing a dress and heels with her perfectly coordinated luggage effortlessly walking through the airport my but when it comes to how I actual travel I am anything but. My go-to outfit is leggings, a tee and a scarf. Much closer to pajamas than to something for a special occasion out. And I am not alone when I look around me. Somehow the glamour of flying has gotten a little bit lost.

So let’s not forget how much of a privilege it is to fly. Let’s not dress up for vanity’s sake but to appreciate the gift of flight and respect those who still do. And while I will probably never be the woman wearing heels on the plane, maybe next time when you see me at the airport my outfit will have gotten a little bit of a flight upgrade.

photo: via Unsplash