A Quick Guide to Puno, Peru
Catedral de Puno

Puno is a small city just across Lake Titicaca from Bolivia. It’s a good stopping point before you reach Arequipa. I spent three days here but I think two days are really all you need. Between the two plazas the street Jr. Lima is the main tourist drag with restaurants, shops and tour agencies. It was cold while I was there so it was on the low end of the tourist season but I imagine when it’s warm out it has more of a relaxed waterfront town vibe. There are several luxury hotels on/close to the water.


The best way to get to Puno, Peru is by bus and the most common route is on your way to or from Copacabana, Bolivia which is just across Lake Titicaca. You can take a cheap taxi from the bus station to your hotel or hostal.


Currency: Peruvian neuvo soles ($1 USD = approx 3.32 neuvo soles)
ATMs: There are several banks with ATMs around the main square.
Hotels: Accept neuvo soles, most accept credit cards and USD as well.
Restaurants: Cash is best but some accept credit cards.
Shops: Cash is best but some accept credit cards.


La Casa del Corregidor


The two main reasons to visit Puno, Peru are to see the Uros Floating Islands and to visit Taquile Island. If you aren’t going to Copacabana, Bolivia you can also go to Isla del Sol from Puno for an overnight and there are a few other island excursions if you have extra days in Puno. Your hotel should be able to help you arrange transportation there or visit one of the tour agencies on Jr. Lima.

Mirador El Condor: 500m of stairs up for a view over the city.
Plaza de Armas: The main square in town.
Catedral de Puno: Right off the Plaza de Armas.
Pino Park: Another plaza good for people watching.
Iglesia de San Juan: Off of Pino Park.