It’s almost Thanksgiving! And for most people it’s a long weekend of travel to see family and friends. For big trips I always keep an very detailed and categorized packing list making sure to check everything off but for a shorter/weekend trip though it that seems a bit excessive.

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I always end up packing the night before (very late) and without a list. It usually causes me to forget one crucial item. So to avoid forgetting something important I’ve created The Quick Glance Don’t Forget the Essentials Packing List. Now I always pack as usual what I think I’ll need and then take a quick glance at this list before I head out the door!

The Quick Glance Don’t Forget the Essentials Packing List

+ Purses/Bags/Luggage Tags
+ Outerwear/Scarf/Gloves
+ Clothing (Casual/Dressy)
+ Swimsuit/Workout Clothing
+ Pajamas/Lounge Outfit
+ Underwear/Bras
+ Shoes/Socks
+ Sunglasses/Hat/Umbrella
+ Jewelry
+ Glasses/Contacts (+extras)/Contact Solution
+ Hairbrush/Hairties/Hair Clips
+ Shampoo/Conditioner
+ Soap/Lotion
+ Facewash/Face Lotions
+ Makeup/Chapstick
+ Toothbrush/Toothpaste
+ Deodorant
+ Razor
+ Nail Clippers/Remover/Polish
+ Towel/Washcloth
+ Prescription Medications
+ Sunscreen/Bugspray
+ Electronics (Camera, Computer, Kindle)
+ Electronics Chargers/Adaptors/Headphones
+ Water/Snacks
+ Pen/Paper
+ Ziplocks/Reusable Bag
+ Passport/ID
+ Wallet/Money
+ Reservation Documents
+ Keys

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And if you need a packing break check out this funny Buzzfeed packing video below!

photo: via Unsplash