It’s the beginning of the week, so I think it’s a good a time to take a little pause and reset. I’ve written about making a big life change to quitting my full-time job to freelance and travel but inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk I want to start documenting how I am trying to maintain that change. He is always telling his viewers if you are or cannot constantly be creating then you should document, document, document. So that’s what I want to try and do. Since I’ve started freelancing I’ve been asked lots of times about how I am managing my life and realizing that a lot of people probably deal with the same things and/or are interested in learning more about my experience.

I took three months off and traveled around Central and South America and did not do any traditional work. I blogged of course but that didn’t really generate any income and decided not to do any freelance design work while on the road to take a complete mental break. I’ve always loved the idea of digital nomads but in theory I’m not sure that lifestyle is for me. I like having my own apartment, I like living in NYC (most of the time) and having a home base in the world. But I also love to travel and want to continue to make it a big part of my life.

Towards the end of my trip I happen to get an email from an old colleague asking if I was looking for a new job. I hadn’t even begun to think about my life back in NYC and said yes just for the heck of it. I eventually interviewed while back in NYC and agreed to work three days a week freelance. But it wasn’t really the kind of freelance I was looking for. I think I got a little bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find work. This ended up being kind of an indefinite full-time freelance job and I quickly realized that wasn’t for me.

After I accepted this freelance job the other freelance projects that I was scared would never come in or wouldn’t pay started contacting me and now I am balancing my three day a week job, and multiple side jobs along with my personal projects. Working a part time three day a week job has caused me to end up working more hours than I ever did working as a full-time employee.

So right now I am saving a little more money to make the real jump into the freelance lifestyle and figuring out how I can adapt travel and freelance instead of the constant extremes of working and saving like crazy then taking a chunk of time off and then repeating it all over again every few months. I want to create a more fluid lifestyle without such extremes.

I’ll be documenting my journey here. Follow me on my adventure.


photo: by Valeria Duque