For many freelancers their freelance work is their side hustle. The work they are doing is mostly during their second shift. This is the time after you get home from work, change out of your uncomfortable office clothes, eat dinner and then sit back down again to your computer to start your second shift.

I’m not sure about you guys I am often exhausted when I get home from my office day job. Sometimes it is a lost cause and it’s better to just relax and go to bed early so you will be more rejuvenated for the next day and night. But before you throw in the towel and turn on Netflix, try a few of my 8 Ways to Recharge When You Can’t Seem to Start Your Second Shift.

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1 Turn Off your Music/Television

You might not think to do this right away but believe me it makes a big difference. Listening to words in the background distracts you. It forces your mind to try and multitask by listening to the words and doing work at the same time even when you don’t think you are paying attention.

2 Organize your Workspace

I know they say that the most creative people have chaotic workspaces but sometimes it’s just a messy desk, causing a messy mind. Can’t hurt to try and at least if you don’t end up doing any work you will have been semi-productive that evening.

3 Drink Some Tea

A little jolt of caffeine or a just having hot drink somehow always relaxes me and helps me focus.

4 Drink Some Wine

But sometimes I need just the opposite because I am overthinking everything I’m doing and just need to start even if it is a messy start. You can always go back and edit later.

5 Take a Mental Laugh Break on YouTube

Sometimes your brain just needs a concentration break to laugh at a funny video for a minute or two.

6 Do a Mini Workout

Getting the blood flowing with a workout might make you more physically tired but I find it makes me mentally more alert. Try my favorite 20 minute workout you can do in your apartment.

7 Take a Nap

When you’re fighting to keep your eyes open sometimes it’s best not to. Set your alarm and take a nap, even if it’s only for ten or fifteen minutes.

8 Write About Not Doing Work

Last but not least do what I’m doing right now, write about not being able to do work! Even if the writing is just for yourself, write about something you think is mindless or easy; your day, an email to a friend or a rant you need to you have.

photo: via Unsplash