The only technology we used to travel with was a camera, maybe some lenses and case full of film. Today new technology has replaced our bag of film and it’s hard to travel without it. While you should always take a break and disconnect, it’s nice to know you can still stay in contact while you are on the road, especially when it’s for a long period of time. Here is my travel technology packing list.

1 Phone

I don’t go anywhere without my phone. I like to change my phone from my regular #wanderlust case (shop my cases here) to a more protective waterproof Lifeproof case. I also always bring with me an external mini phone charger (like this mini Anker one) and keep all my charging cords together in a zippered pouch.

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2 Camera

I am only semi-professional when it comes to travel and photography. My go-to camera is the Sony A6000 Mirrorless camera. It shoots RAW and has interchangeable lenses but is much smaller and lighter to travel with than a DSLR. It fits in my purse when I don’t want to flash it around.

I like to bring with my charger and extra battery so I can charge one while I’m out and use the other one. And don’t forget lots of extra memory cards! I prefer to bring several smaller size ones instead of one large one in case of damage.

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3 Computer

I used to hate packing my computer (an old Macbook Pro). It was so heavy and bulky but with the launch of the new 12″ Macbook I barely even notice I’m carrying a computer. It’s thinner than a magazine and light enough I can carry it with me just in case. I always carry the charger in a zipper pouch with the rest of my charging cords and keep it in a felt sleeve. These felt cases from Etsy are on my wish list!

To connect to my computer to my camera I pack this Transcend USB SD Card reader so I don’t have to pack an extra cord. I also bring a small USB thumb drive back up important things from my laptop.

4 Kindle

A new item I’ve recently added to my list is my Kindle Paperwhite. The only downside is that I have to carry yet another charger cord (but I can consolidate and use my iPhone charger USB power adaptor). But it beats carrying around heavy books, especially travel guides. And because I’m always shoving it in packed bags I love this faux Saffiano leather thin Kindle Cover to protect the screen.

photo: via Unsplash