Colombia was my last stop before I flew back home to NYC. Colombia is a great place to travel because you can travel very cheaply or a little more luxuriously if you want. While I was traveling I usually only ate one large meal out (lunch or dinner), breakfast was usually provided where I was staying and I ate something small or just snacked for the rest of the day.

My daily spending average in Colombia ended up being around $70 per day but you can definitely do it for much less. I would say I was mid-range with my budget in Colombia. Here is everything I spent during my 16 days in Colombia.

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Bogota: 3 nights
Medellin: 7 nights
Cartagena: 6 nights


Lima to Bogota (VivaColombia): $260.56 USD
*I had originally planned on flying from Lima to Quito but it ended up being much too expensive. Flights within Colombia with VivaColombia are very cheap!
Bogota to Medellin (VivaColombia): $47.27 USD
Medellin to Cartagena (VivaColombia): $109.01 USD
Cartagena to New York (Avianca): $386.96 USD

Total: $803.80 USD (prices below exclude flight prices)


SIM Card: ~$25 USD (5,000 pesos + 70,000 pesos for data)


3-Day Total: ~$106 USD (318,110 pesos)
Average per day: ~$35 USD (106,036 pesos)

Accommodation per night (Republica Hostel Bogota): ~$11-12 USD (35,000 pesos)
*I was originally going to stay in a hotel but this hostal got such amazing reviews online I had to try it out. It was a very good hostal except for my snoring neighbor.
Food per day: ~$7-8 USD (21,820 pesos)
Cable Car: ~$6 USD (18,000 pesos)


7-Day Total:~$505 USD (1,494,138 pesos)
Average per day: ~$72 USD

Accommodation per night (Kolor Hotel Boutique):~$40 (114,786 pesos), the nicest hotel I stayed at in South America
Food per day: ~$23 USD total (70,162 pesos), 2 lunches were included in my tour price
Coffee Farm Tour: ~$50 USD (150,000 pesos), lunch included
Communa 13 Graffiti Tour: ~$16-17 USD (50,000 pesos)
Guatape Tour: ~$28 USD (69,000 pesos +15,000 pesos for El Peñol ticket), lunch included
Manicure/Pedicure in El Poblado: ~$10 USD (30,000 pesos)


6-Day Total: ~$517 USD
Average per day: ~$86 USD

Accommodation per night (Hotel Casa Villa Colonial): ~$58 USD
Food per day: ~$18-19 USD
Playa Blanco Day Trip: ~21-22 USD (50,000 pesos + 15,000 pesos for chair rental)
Castillo San Felipe de Barajas: ~$5-6 USD (17,000 pesos)

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Total Daily Expenses (excluding flights): ~$1,128 USD
Average per day: ~$70 USD

Total Spent in Colombia (including flights): ~1,956.80 USD