Honestly I rarely keep up with the resolutions that I set. The year gets busy and priorities change. I also like to think that we don’t need to wait for the new year to make changes and that we can continually add and remove resolutions as the year goes by.

So this year I am not making any resolutions but I am setting goals that I am allowing myself to add to or remove as needed during the year. Here are five goals that I have as a freelancer to start off 2017.

Get ahead of my editorial calendar and post 3 times a week

The first goal is directly related to this blog. The past month I have really started to organize myself and post a little more consistently but I’d like to continue that into the new year. This past year my posting has been a bit sporadic, sometimes skipping weeks at a time. I have a newly organized editorial google calendar so I have more visual goals to work towards and have a long bank of ideas queueing.

Reach out for one new opportunity every week

Most opportunities don’t just fall into peoples laps. Most of the jobs I’ve gotten have because I took a few minutes to sit down and reach out to an old coworker, a new company or just interact with someone on social media. I have to make things happen for myself.

Learn and experiment more with video

I’m not sure why I’m so behind on this. YouTube has been around much longer than many of the other social media channels that I use but I never used to think of it as an original content channel the way that Instagram or Facebook might be. Inspired by some vloggers I’ve been watching on YouTube I want to start to play around with some video (even if it’s just personal and doesn’t make it on the internet).

Really learn how to use my camera

I would say I’m a fairly decent photographer. I think though right now I rely a little too much on being a good photo editor in post production instead of taking the time to start the process at the beginning. I have a fairly new Sony A6000 and am going to start to really learn how to take advantage of all of the features it is capable of.

Finally edit, organize and delete more photos

The last goal is organizational. Although my files and photos are all very organized by dates and categories I tend to be a digital hoarder. I’m not sure why I feel the need to keep a blurry photo of a random bicycle or three photos of same exact sign. I’m going to try be a little bit more of a digital minimalist. I think my almost full hard drive will appreciate this.

Do you have any goals for 2017? Leave me a comment below.