It’s not very often that I return places unless it’s because someone I know lives there. There are so many places to see and we have such limited time that I always end up choosing somewhere new instead of revisiting even places that I loved.

But for the first time in awhile I am returning to somewhere that I’ve been before. I am headed back to London! It’s been exactly ten years since I was there last.

I have no plan or agenda. I’m going to be there a few weeks so I don’t have to pack as light as usual. I am excited to spend time exploring the city and seeing how much it has changed.

So in anticipation of returning to London (and so I can procrastinate packing a little longer) these are a few of my favorite things in London that I’m excited to return to.

Afternoon Tea (or tea in general)

I am a tea addict. I probably drink 3-4 cups of English Breakfast tea a day, at least. Just like they say the bagels and pizza are better in NYC because of the water I think the same goes for the tea in London. Even the cheap cup of tea to go in a paper cup tastes better.

Free Museums

I took this for granted because London was one of the first big cities I spent time in. Now that I’ve traveled all over the world and paid for some pricey museums (especially here in NYC) I can’t wait to take advantage of this little luxury.

Millennium Bridge

While I do love classic Tower Bridge, the pedestrian only Millennium bridge was always my favorite.


Portobello, Camden, Spitalfields just to name a few. I’ve become a little bit disillusioned to markets after traveling through so many in the world so I am interested to see how they compare to the vision I have in my head. Maybe I’ll find some good treasures to bring back with me!

Have you been to London? Do you have any favorite things about the city?


photo: via Unsplash