Out of all the countries in South America, Peru holds the most popular destination for tourists, Machu Picchu. Because of this reason I was expecting Peru to be much more expensive than it ended up.

I stayed almost an entire month in Peru. In a pretty good location in Cusco, I found a great hotel for only $37/night and got a discount on lodging in Arequipa for taking Spanish classes. One thing I did find to be a little pricey in Peru were souvenirs.

Most ATMs in Peru dispense US dollars ($) as well as Peruvian Nuevos Soles (S/..) and you can pay with either one. Credit cards are also pretty widely accepted although some places will prefer cash. Here’s my roundup of everything I spent in Peru.

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4 Cities, 24 Nights

Cusco: 8 nights
Puno: 4 nights
Arequipa: 7 nights
Lima: 5 nights

Flights: 3
Buses: 2

La Paz to Cusco (flight): $195.40
Cusco to Puno (bus): ~$21.25 (S/60 + S/10 tip)
Puno to Arequipa (bus): ~$13 (S/40 + S/1.50 embarque tax)
Arequipa to Lima (flight): $75.16
Lima to Bogota (flight): $260.56

Misc Expenses

SIM Card: ~$38 (S/120 Data + S/8 SIM Card)


8-Day Total:~$566.79 (S/1,867.50)
Average per day: ~$71

Accommodation per night: $37 (excluding one night in Machu Picchu)
Food per day: ~$21 (S/69)
Machu Picchu: $250 (to/from transport, accommodation and park entry)
Tourist Ticket: $40 (S/130)

*I also spent an additional $150 (S/500) on souvenirs but have excluded it from the totals.

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3-Day (4-nights) Total:~$182.80 (S/602.31)
Average per day: ~$60

Accommodation per night: $25
Food per day: ~$18.50 (S/61)
Uros Floating Islands + Island Tour: ~$18.21 (S/60)

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7-Day Total: ~$400 (S/1,315.20)
Average per day: ~$57

Accommodation per night: ~$21.25 (S/70)
Food per day: ~$10 (S/32.55)
Spanish School: $27 (S/90) per day
Santa Catalina Monastery: ~$12 (S/40)

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3-Day Total:~$260 (S/856.98)
Average per day: ~$86

Accommodation per night: ~$53 (S/175)
Food per day: ~$22 (S/72.66)
Huaca Pucllana: ~$3.64 (S/12)

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24-Day Peru Total

Total Daily Expenses (excluding flights): ~$1,447.59 USD
Average per day: ~$60 USD

Total Spent in Peru (including flights): ~$2,012.96 USD

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