London is a huge city. You can spend weeks there and still not run out of things to see and do. Most people though are only there for short periods of time so they have to pick their favorites. These are my top ten things to do year round in London.

London View from St Paul's Cathedral

1. See the city from the sky

This is just something I love to do everywhere I go. Whether it’s the view from a fancy sky-high cocktail bar or from the London Eye, it’s always a thrill. My personal favorite, climbing the steps to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Make sure you check the forecast beforehand, it’s much better on a clear day!

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2. Have cream tea at Harrods

They say there’s something in the water that makes tea in London so much better. While I always love a full tea service it’s pretty expensive so it is usually a splurge. An equally good (and cheaper) option is the cream tea at the Harrods Cafe. Your choice of a pot of hot tea and two scones with clotted cream and jam are the perfect afternoon treat.

3. Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum

One of the best things about London is that so many of the museums are free. And my absolute favorite museum in London? The Victoria & Albert. Stop by before or after your visit to Harrods or the nearby Natural History Museum.

4. Walk across Millenium Bridge

Although Tower Bridge is the most recognizable bridge, Millenium bridge is my favorite. A pedestrian only bridge that links St. Pauls Cathedral and the Tate Modern. Take a look down and see if you can spot some tiny street art!


5. Visit the swans in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a must see and the swans are out to play in all weather. I don’t know what it is about them but I never get tired of visiting them. I’m pretty sure I have more photos of the swans than anything else in London.

6. Have a beer and a burger at the Pub

Or some fish and chips if you prefer. Head to the pub for another classic British thing to do. But don’t forget, you order your food and drink at the bar in British pubs and they also close early at 11pm.


7. Wander a street market

There are endless options for markets in London. Camden Market, Spitalfields and Borough Market just to name a few. My favorite market to go to though is Portobello Market so that I can wander off the main road and catch the colorful brownstones of the Notting Hill neighborhood.


8. Shop!

London has some pretty great shopping. Start along the most popular Oxford Circus and then wander down into Mayfair if you’re looking for a little luxury. Head west to Knightsbridge to stop in famous Harrods or Harvey Nichols or East to Soho and Covent Garden for more. Stop in some of my favorites along the way: Liberty London, Cos and Selfridges.


9. See the Street Art of Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one of the most famous places for street art in the world. I highly recommend taking the free walking tour by Alternative London. It’s amazing how much you can miss and how creative the stories behind the art are.

10. Ride a red bus in the first top seat

Try and find a bus that’s not too busy with a good route and get the front seat of the upper deck riding around London. You can’t get much more London than this!