I always hate spending money unnecessarily, especially when I’m traveling. I’d rather save it to spend when I arrive at my destination. Right now I’m in the process of packing and trying to figure out what travel toiletries I need to pack for my next trip.

The easiest option is to buy all the travel size items from the travel section of your local drugstore but it’s not always the cheapest. You can check by looking at the unit price listed for the product next to the price for the travel versus full size.

Here are some tips that will prevent you from buying much marked up travel sizes of your favorite products.

1. Use refillable bottles.

I use the same shampoo, conditioner, soap and face wash whether I’m at home or on the road. Use your full size bottles to fill small travel size bottles. Also, even though you can technically fly with liquids of 100ml I find that is an excessive amount and containers that size take up a lot of space. Many travel size items are sold in the full 100ml size. Muji offers three sizes of bottles for most things so you can choose how long your trip is and pack accordingly. I find I use the 30ml size most often.

2. Make your own travel size packs.

You can spend extra money for companies to separate your favorite tissues, wet wipes or makeup wipes in to smaller packs or you can just make your own. Pull out how many you will need from your large pack and repackage them into ziplock sandwich bags.

3. Use pill bags.

Travel size pill tubes? They barely hold anything and they are expensive. You probably already have full size bottles at home. If they are just over the counter drugs, fill mini ziplock pill size bags and label them. For prescriptions, re-stick the bottle label onto the bag so if they ask at the airport they know you have the prescription for it. A pill bag takes up less space than an entire bottle.

4. Re-use toothpaste tubes.

The opening of a travel size toothpaste and your full size is the same. Because of that you can refill your mini toothpastes with your regular one. Simply push the two ends together and squeeze from the larger tube until it beings to fill the smaller one. Make sure you have them lined up exactly!

5. Don’t buy a sewing kit.

Have you ever whipped out your needle and thread while traveling? No. Don’t waste your money, just pack a handful of safety pins and call it a day.

6. Collect freebies.

The toiletries from your hotels, free beauty samples (you can get a lot of free ones when you order on Sephora.com), wet wipes from restaurants that you don’t use or free samples in magazines. I keep a giant container with all of these things in it. Often if you’re just going away for an overnight or weekend you just need one or two uses of a product and samples are a great way to do that. I also sometimes will take a free sample of a product that I don’t use just for the container. I especially like to hoard face cream sample size jars.

Do you have any tips for saving money on travel toiletries? Comment below!