Looking around my apartment and seeing the physical pieces of my travels that I’ve brought home with me, even if it’s just a postcard or something small always bring a smile and a great memory to mind. Here are 9 reasons to buy that souvenir.

1. Because you met the artisan

Meeting the person who made your souvenir and/or seeing it made in person are two of the best feelings that help create an even better memory and story to share with your friends and family.

2. Because you made a funny memory

Did you happen to fall down embarrassingly or did someone yell something funny to you while you were climbing a certain tower or visiting a specific landmark? A small token of the place it happened is always a fun reminder to have.

Llamas in Colchani Village, Bolivia

3. Because it reminds you of someone or something from home

Do you have a friend who loves sloths that needs that sloth keychain? Or a friend who is a coffee connoisseur and loves trying local coffee from around the world? Those are the best kind of gifts. And great to save up for birthdays and holidays.

4. Because it’s a good deal

Sometimes buying things while you travel is cheaper than buying them at home because of the currency conversion rate or because it’s being produced locally. I have a hard time turning down a good deal.

Teacups in London’s Portobello Market

5. Because it helps someone

Making and selling handmade goods is often the easiest way for many people to make money. A lot of times I hear people’s stories that make me want to make a purchase to support their business even if it’s something I might not need at the moment.

6. Because it’s beautiful

I often find myself drawn to things that are so beautiful I can’t not buy them. They usually end up in a random box at home hidden away but I still love having them and knowing how beautiful they are.

5 Souvenirs Venice Really Wants You to Buy
Venetian masks in Venice, Italy

7. Because it’s cheesy

The foam Statue of Liberty crown is probably the best cheesy NYC souvenir and I have no judgment on anyone who buys it. Sometimes you just need to embrace your inner tourist.

8. Because it’s part of your collection

My favorite souvenir collection is a friend of a friend who had been buying a fridge magnet from every place he had traveled throughout his life. His fridge was covered and even tho they were just cheap magnets it was really cool to see them all together. I am currently trying to start a similar patch and pin collection.

9. Because you love it

Sometimes you can’t explain why you want to buy something and you don’t need a reason. It’s part of the excitement of being away and traveling. I never regret buying too many souvenirs, only not buying enough.

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