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On My Mind: Anniversaries 🎈

It’s amazing how much can happen in just one year. A little more than a year go, on May 5th to be exact, I left NYC with a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires and have been traveling and freelancing back and forth from NYC ever since.

In the past year I’ve spent time on four continents, visited ten countries and even more cities. I hiked Patagonia, froze in the Atacama Desert, camped in the World’s Largest Cave and fell in love with Colombia. I can’t really decide if the past year has flown by or felt like years. Either way I have no regrets.

This next year will be a new chapter and although I will probably slow down I definitely don’t want to stop. I want to mark this year, as the first year that I broke away and started to build the path that I wanted, not just follow the path I was already on. I hope that next year I will still be creating my own way and that I will be marking another year of a unknown change in my life, what that is I can’t wait to find out.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

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