I can hear the person sleep breathing (not snoring yet) in the room next door. The walls are so thin in this place. But it’s nice and clean, and the lady at reception helps me even though I think she is mildly puzzled and amused by my lack of permanent plans. And I’m pretty sure she’s just making up tour prices as she goes along and as I decide to book them. Sometimes they are suspiciously low and sometimes high. They make me eggs every morning. The girl who makes them knows I like them scrambled and somehow I always feel a little bit strange in my stomach after eating them. I’m not sure if it’s the eggs or the whole eating breakfast thing. I never eat breakfast at home in NYC. Well no that’s a lie, I have a chai tea latte from Starbucks but I had been trying to cut them out before I started traveling to save some money. I gave in and went to the Starbucks here in Cusco, they even had la leche de soja (soy milk). Of course it was full of the only Americans in town. But it has the best wifi, and the best couches. And cute little mugs that say Cusco on them.

I’m leaving tomorrow. And even though this city is full of tourists I have come to love it. And in much better shape might I add. So many hills in this town. And the altitude isn’t helping. Or the crazy drivers. All of the streets seem to be only wide enough for one car to (barely) pass yet they are all two way streets. And they are always speeding down them. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a tourist or even a local get hit yet. There are sidewalks on both sides of the little streets but they are only wide enough for one person so if a car is passing and two people are passing one has to risk their leg and step down onto the street. But I’ve got the hang of it now. And the charm of it all it quite amusing.

The tourists here can’t quite decide if they are going trekking in the mountains or dressing up for a fancy vacation. It’s an odd bunch. Visiting the ruins is definitely not for the non mobile. I can’t imagine the Incas running up and down the mountains carrying god knows what. And the ruins they are filled, with tourists in ballet flats and hiking boots, and older couples with their made in china panama hats they picked up at the shops because the sun doesn’t let up. I wish I had a day to just wander without a single person in sight. Especially Machu Picchu. People everywhere, huffing and puffing, up and down the unsteady stairs. The only place slightly free seemed to be the long trek to the Sun Gate and after barely making it to the top I know why. But it was nice to sit and admire from afar without anyone else in my ear. On the way back down I decided I don’t mind the people, they were there to enjoy the sight with me and it’s pretty hard to detract from how amazing this place is. I mean, just imagine back in the Inca day….

The breathing has stopped. If I can hear her breathing (I’m assuming it’s a her, I’m not sure why) she can definitely hear me typing. I guess out of my own politeness for quiet it’s time for bed. Goodnight, Cusco.

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