I remember a time when I thought the epitome of work-chic was having a leather Kate Spade Agenda with refillable pages. Somehow it just made people seem more important. Remember that scene in 27 Dresses when she leaves her Filofax in the cab and she has her whole life is inside of it?

Even though it’s only June I’ve already started to see the blog post round ups of favorite planners to buy for the New Year. I always love admiring the beautiful designs but then I wonder, do I really have use for this anymore? Something that was always a staple item now just seems out of date.

I used to use a Moleskine Weekly Planner for school and work but it quickly just became a regular note taking notebook. So now I just keep a notebook on hand for just in case notes that I’m not putting directly into my phone or computer.

Everything is digital now. I can have multiple calendars on my phone, one for personal, one for work and one for travel that I can hide, share or send. I can invite my friends to events and add details to every event right in my phone, no pen or paper required. If I need to reference something multiple years back? It’s in the palm of my hands. And god forbid I leave my phone somewhere and it gets lost, my calendars are still synced on every other device I own, no worry there.

But then there is something nice about writing things down and crossing them out. Do you still use planners or have you gone digital?


(just notebooks, no planners)