1. Hangry is a real thing.

There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of: most every irritation you have traveling with others and even by yourself is because someone is hungry. I completely agree. I can think of so many tense situations I have been in that were all because of hunger. If you’re with a group and nothing seems to be going right I suggest you hightail it to the nearest restaurant or food cart and just eat something, anything.

2. Take advantage of free breakfast.

I like to make sure I always book hotels/hostels that have breakfast included. It’s a free (kind of) meal and a good way to make sure you get up at a decent hour (breakfasts always close early). When you travel your lunch isn’t always decided on ahead of time and it’s good to not be starving by that time in case plans change.

3. Eat your vegetables.

I tend to forget while I’m indulging in the local cuisine that I still need to eat a balanced diet (hello Italy!). If you’re traveling for more than a couple days make sure that you are trying to be a little bit balanced and eating some greens along the way.

4. Don’t swallow the ocean.

Your body is not used to certain water whether it be from a pipe or from nature. I accidentally swallowed some ocean water in Central America surfing and it was not fun for my stomach even after I came home.

Before you travel to another country you should check on the water situation. In some countries all tap water is fine, some only the locals can drink it because they are used to it and some places no one drinks the water. Did you know you can drink the water from the streams in Patagonia?

Here’s a good guide to water: https://matadornetwork.com/read/travelers-guide-tap-water-infographic/

5. Pack Imodium and Cipro.

And in case you do end up with some digestive issues make sure you pack Imodium and get a prescription for Cipro (if it gets really bad).

6. Street food isn’t dirty.

It’s often the best and cheapest way to try the local cuisine. Check out what the locals are buying and follow them to find the best food.

7. Bring your own snacks.

I always bring with me snacks, not just for the plane but to have when I’m craving a snack from home. My go-to snacks are beef jerky and Cheez-Its. You’ll find a lot of the same snacks from home in other countries and it’ll be fun finding out which ones taste the same in your country as they do there. Skittles for instance are the same everywhere but Pringles taste different country to country. I love drinking Fanta in other countries because they use different sugar than they do in the US.

8. It’s okay to eat fast food.

I admit that there have been several times when I’ve just broken down and eaten at Subway or Mcdonald’s and I’m not ashamed of it. Especially when you’re traveling for a long time and trying to figure out your next meal, familiar fast food is just the easiest way to go. Just as long as it’s not the only place you eat at.

8 Things to Know About Eating on the Road