These days Instagram is my primary resource when it comes to discovering new brands and products to try, especially travel related. I haven’t tried any of these out yet but they all stood out enough that I am adding them to my wishlist. If you’ve tried any of these and recommend them (or don’t) let me know in the comments below!

1. Matador Camera Base Layer

I can’t count the number of times I’ve used my coat to wrap my camera up to protect it. I can think of one particular time trying to take some photos in the snowstorm here in NYC that this would’ve been perfect. I am also guilty of just throwing my camera loose in my bag sometimes and this seems like it would be a great layer of protection that is not as bulky as a case.

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2. Herbivore Botanicals

I can’t live without rose water spray. I’m not sure it even does anything but I love spraying it on my face daily. It’s great for travel to refresh after a long plane, train or bus ride. The beautiful packaging for these sprays make them twice as appealing.

3. Tesalate Towels

I hate coming home from the beach and finding sand EVERYWHERE. These towels are made of a special fabric so that the sand won’t stick!

4. Peel iPhone Cases

I love the design of the iPhone when it’s bare without a case but I’m too afraid that I will drop it that I never use it without one. These caught my eye though because they are so slim that you can still admire the design of the phone and keep a case on it for protection!

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5. Que Bottles

After the weight, the size of water bottles is a huge reason I don’t carry water with me when I should. I tried those plastic bag looking water bottles but they always ended up not staying very clean on the inside. These water bottles shrink down when your bottle isn’t full but are still hard side bottles.

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6. Soludos Llama Flats

These are just so adorable. Ever since I went to South America I love all things llama.

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7. FrontRow Camera

I have been eyeing the GoPro but this new camera looks pretty comparable. I first saw it because @theblondeabroad featured it on her Instagram. I did some more digging and am loving its features (although the price not so much).

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8. The It Rumi Travel Wallet

I am always on the hunt for the perfect travel wallet. This one not only seems perfect because it has a pen holder, credit card slots, passport pocket, zippered pocket, organizing sleeves and a camera card holder, it also has a removable chain. Although I think the chain is designed so you can use the wallet as a purse, I hate having to carry my travel wallet in my hand at the airport when I don’t want to put in my backpack right away. I would use the chain so I can carry my wallet hands free!

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9. Soraya Hennessy Bags

I first saw mochilas or bags in this style in Colombia. I think the style is so pretty, light, simple and colorful. Soraya Hennessy (who grew up in Venezuela) designs the bags and they are handmade in Venezuela.

10. Dear Summit Leather Journals and Stickers

Leather journals and illustrations by Deanna Jensen. I love her simple style and although the leather bound journals are her main thing the stickers were actually what I found on Instagram first. And 10% of her sales are donated to the National Parks Foundation.

Have you discovered any new travel accessories and brands on Instagram this summer? Comment below and let me know!