Have you ever booked a trip and then spent so much time rushing to get work done before you leave, packing and cleaning that you forget to research what to do!

You’re on the plane and realizing that besides your hotel you have no idea what you’re going to see or do on your trip. This is how to plan your trip last minute.

Ask your friends

Quick mass text and/or email any friend you know that has visited or might have visited the place you are going and ask for their best recommendations. I’ve occasionally had friends who are great planners and have a spreadsheet of their itineraries on hand that they can share with me.

Ask Facebook

There are two features that are great for travel planning on Facebook. One is the recommendations status feature. You can post an update asking for recommendations for a specific place and when people comment and make them, they are automatically added to a mini map for you all in one place.

The second, is Facebook travel groups. When I was traveling in South America they were great for collecting timely information from other travelers. You can also just scroll through what other people have posted and look for recommendations.

Use your hotel

I find this is the easiest way. Often hotels and hostals have a list of companies that they work with on a regular basis. When you check in you can ask them what the most popular things to do are, for restaurant recommendations or where to book activities. If they can’t help you personally they will know where to direct you.

Do a quick search

Nowadays you can just search ‘top things to do in x’ into Google and hundreds of blog posts will come up. They’re great to just quickly skim and get an overall picture of the place you are going. I find it’s much easier to do this then to try and navigate TripAdvisor.

Make a Google Map

I love the star feature on Google Maps. Using the app on your phone make sure you log in. Then when friends send you suggestions simply mark them on your map. I like to use this when I’m in a random neighborhood and don’t know where to go next. Seeing if there are any marked dots already on my map makes it easy to find recommendations nearby.

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