London is a fashionable city in a different way than the way New York City is. I would describe most of their style as conservative but polished. Lots of black and nothing loud. No one wears running sneakers or bright outdoor jackets like Patagonia in the city.

Although January is technically winter, it never really gets cold, cold. At least not how it does here in NYC. Snow is rare, it’s often still lightly raining and it’s grey, all of the time. It is consistently around 40° F. Not so cold that you can’t spend all day outside wandering, and that you can still wear tights and dresses and be comfortable.

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This is what you should pack for a trip to London in January.


Ankle Boots, Ballet Flats, Heeled Bootie

When it comes to shoes, black and leather is the way to go. During the day go for ankle boots and at night dress it up with a heeled bootie. Make sure they’re comfortable enough that you can spend all day walking in them. I would also weather protect spray them as well. It never down poured but was misty enough that it is good to protect them just in case. Pack a pair of ballet flats just in case but it’s too cold to wear them without tights.


Stylish wool coat

You will probably be spending most of your time outside so your coat will be your most worn piece. I suggest a nice wool coat that you can wear all day. I love blue coats but the most common are neutrals, black, grey, navy and occasionally camel and white.


Dark jeans, leggings and skirts

Keep it simple here, pack some black or dark colored jeans, nice leggings and a skirt that go with everything.


Pretty blouses

With all the black coats and grey skies in London a pretty colorful blouse is a great way to bring a little color to your outfit (and day). Mix and match them with your black jeans and skirts. I found that it wasn’t so cold that I wanted to wear a sweater everyday but I would pack one layering one just in case you come across an extra chilly day.


3/4 and long sleeve dresses with tights

It’s warm enough in January that you can wear tights and you won’t be too cold. I love 3/4 sleeve dresses with ankle boots that are great for day to night.


Umbrellas, gloves and scarves

Keep a little purse size umbrella in your bag at all times. On rainy days it often gets colder too so I would pack a pair of light fingerless gloves and if you’re looking for some color grab a colorful pashmina.


Statement satchel

Satchels aren’t always the best bag for traveling but London is a good place to break your statement bag out. Choose one with an optionally long crossbody strap so you can change it to a shoulder bag when your arm gets tired.

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What to Pack for London in January