I used to think that travel insurance was something that everyone automatically purchased for an international trip but after traveling with a friend I realized that it’s something a lot of people overlook and don’t know the importance of. As with any insurance, it is always for just in case and you might never need to use it but it’s good to have for peace of mind.

It’s also not very expensive. I recently bought insurance for a five day trip to Mexico City for just $39. This is why you should buy travel insurance.

In case you need to cancel your trip

If there is an emergency such as an illness or there is a natural disaster at your destination, you can get your non-refundable costs reimbursed. If you’ve planned a big trip the cancellation costs can add up.

In case your flight is canceled or changed

If your flight canceled or delayed and you incur expenses because of it you can often get those charges reimbursed. This might be the expense of a missed hotel reservation if your flight is delayed a day or more or if you will be missing an activity at your destination that you purchased non-refundable tickets to.

In case you have a medical emergency

This is the biggest reason that I purchase travel insurance. If you live in the US your health insurance only covers you inside the country. Outside the country you are responsible for your own medical bills. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses if something happens while you are abroad. And hopefully you never need to use this but it will also often cover up to a certain amount of the cost if you need to be evacuated from a country for medical reasons.

In case your suitcase is lost, delayed or stolen

If your suitcase is lost and you need to replace your items or it is delayed and you need to buy temporary items to hold you over until you can get to your bag you can get reimbursed for those costs.

If you like to have someone on call just in case

Many travel insurance carriers also offer different concierge services to help you. I like to use World Nomads and they have a 24-hour hotline to help you with any issues that might come up during your trip.

*Read your insurance document carefully to know what is covered. Different providers have different policies. They will list the maximum $ amount that your policy will cover for reimbursement for each categories.

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Why You Need Travel Insurance