About Carrie

Duomo di Milano, Italy, March 2015
Duomo di Milano, Italy, March 2015

“Look at the World Around You.”

My mother’s favorite phrase, one she repeated often to me as a child. It helped to instill and solidify my love of travel and art. I grew up on a family farm in upstate New York but followed my love of fashion and art to New York City. I love afternoon tea, crazy patterns, anything fuchsia, and the anticipation of a flight somewhere new.

I am a designer by day but a traveler any chance I can get. I recently made a life change to give up my full-time job and freelance so I could make travel a bigger part of my life.

I hope this site helps you find lots of inspiration and information for your own travels. Most of the posts on this blog are inspired by real conversations I’ve had and questions that have been asked of me by friends and family. Follow me on my adventures and always remember to Look at the World Around You.

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